That Time in Tropea

Hands down, Tropea is our favourite place in Italy. It is a mystery that it is not more widely known and popular, but if it keeps it affordable and less-crowded, then we won’t complain. The main beach in Tropea is THE BEST beach we’ve ever been to, and the old town, which is perched on a cliff above the sea, is very charming. It is the type of place where you spend your days at the beach and your nights strolling through the town. Not much else to do, but what else would you want to do?!

The easiest way to get to Tropea would be by car. We took the train, but had to change lines in Rosarno, which was annoying with all of our luggage – however, the train from Rosarno to Tropea had us and one other person on it.

The food in Tropea was great, except for the pizza. Perhaps it was because we had just spent so much time in the Campania province where pizza is native to that we become spoiled, but avoid pizza in Calabria. Instead, try their local dishes such as anything with ‘nduja in it. It is spicy, spreadable sausage made of pork which can be eaten on its own with bread or put in pasta and arancini. Tropea is also famous (within Italy? Or maybe just within Calabria?) for its red onions, so you see these hanging everywhere and a lot of menus will include an abundance of red onions dishes. There is even gelateria which serves red onion flavoured ice-cream.

We hired a little paddle boat-slide combination for 10 euro for an hour which was well worth it. The views from the sea are even more impressive and you can reach a small beach within a cave in the cliff.

Our Favourite Things About Tropea

Brodie: The beach

Todd: The beach


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