That Time in Ischia

Just off the coast of Naples, next to the more famous Capri, is the island of Ischia. It first sparked our interest after frequently dining at the Beaufort Street restaurant of the same name, but the more we looked into it, the more we wanted to visit. Having been to Capri already a few years ago, we were happy to hear that it is just as beautiful but without the international tourists overcrowding it. Ischia is definitely a more popular destination for tourists from within Italy and, as a result, prices are lower and it feels more authentic.

Where We Stayed

The island has a number of towns, located around the coast as well as inland in the mountainous areas. We stayed in the town of Ischia itself, about two streets back from the beach. We rented an apartment on AirBnB which had three different balconies where we enjoyed the majority of our meals, countless UNO games, drinks and the occasional two person dance party.

What We Did

The island does not have a lot of tourist sites, so to speak, but is perfect for a relaxing beach holiday. The Castello Aragonese d’Ischia is a medieval castle connected to the island by a causeway and is the islands most prominent feature.

We spent a day driving around in a small, pink “car” and explored the entire island. We visited the Poseidon Thermal Gardens, a complex of 22 pools of thermal water. While it was expensive to get in, and you’re required to cover your hair in the water making it look like a swimming carnival for Hasidic Jewish women, it is very relaxing.

Where We Ate

Many of our meals were cooked at home, as the apartment had amazing views from the balconies. One meal that did stand out was at Arcobaleno, right near the Poseidon Thermal Gardens. The food was of high quality and very reasonably priced, with great service.

We would recommend Ischia to anybody travelling in the Naples area. Capri is beautiful, but if you have time you could base yourself in Ischia (saving money) and get a boat over to Capri for the day.

Favourite Things About Ischia

Brodie: The ‘island chicness’ of the place

Todd: The authentic Italian island vibe.


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