That Time in Podgora

Following Dubrovnik, we hired a car and drove to Podgora, the town where Todd’s Baba’s family is from. The town is situated on the coast and forms part of the Makarska Riviera. ‘Upper’ or ‘Old’ Podgora is located in the hills of the mountain, while ‘Lower’ Podgora is based around the old fishing villages. Following an earthquake in 1962, the majority of the residents begun to move down to the coast which is where they live today. There are still houses in the old villages on the mountain, with many being renovated and rented out as holiday homes during the summer, with the majority offering amazing views of the sea and islands.

We’re fortunate that Todd still has family in Podgora who welcomed us (with a delicious homemade risotto) and spent time with us while there, talking about the history, visiting the old house and looking at photographs.

Podgora itself is small and offers a relaxing destination for families who are looking for sun and beach holidays, however it is well situated to access the mountain of Biokovo, the islands of Hvar and Brač, Medjugorje and Mostar in Bosnia-Herzegovina and nearby Makarska (pictured below), which is the main town that services Podgora.

Favourite Thing About Podgora

Todd: My family connection.

Brodie: Meeting Todd’s relatives.


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